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Rejuvenate Your Body & Mind With a One Hour Detoxifying Lymph Drainage Massage! £20 Buys a £40 Voucher Towards a Lymph Drainage Massage or a BodyTalk session (£65)!

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Treat yourself to some relaxation that does you good with this highly effective detoxifying lymphatic drainage massage from Heather North Lewis

£20 Buys a £40 Voucher Towards a Lymph Drainage Massage or a BodyTalk session (£65)!

The BodyTalk system uses this specific massage to stimulate the body's lymphatic system, improving the metabolism & assisting the body to eliminate waste & toxins and boosting the immune system. The massage also cleans up your lymphatic & immune systems to ward off the winter bugs.

Tell me more

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is the secondary circulatory system in the human body comprising of a network of conduits called lymphatic vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph.

How does the treatment work?

Closely connected with the blood and circulatory system, the lymphatic system is an extensive drainage system that returns water and proteins from various tissues back to the bloodstream. By increasing circulation through lymphatic massage, the body is given a chance to detox and clears and rids itself of unwanted toxins and waste. This in turn increases vitality and has significant changes in toning the body.

Some of the benefits:

  • - Skin care: For a clearer complexion and to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in facial tissue

  • - Detox: After a period of high stress, the body will really benefit from lymphatic drainage

  • - Headaches: Most headaches including sinusitis have a component of congestion that responds well to lymphatic drainage

  • - Promote healing: After surgery or injury, the tissue may be swollen and sore. Lymphatic drainage is a gentle treatment that will help drain the tissue, reduce inflammation and improve healing

  • - Pregnancy and after: There is often fluid retention in pregnant women and lymphatic drainage can improve comfort especially in legs and feet.  Breast feeding will be enhanced by this treatment, especially when there are problems with blocked ducts and sore tight breasts

  • - Reduce swelling: After long periods of immobility such as air travel or lessened mobility, fluid tends to stagnate in the tissue making it puffy and tender

  • - Conditions such as arthritis often have joints that are congested with fluid. All of these respond well when fluid is reduced with lymphatic drainage

  • - Relaxation: Because it is such a gentle treatment, it is one of the most relaxing.  And the relaxation is enhanced as the cleansing and rejuvenating effects relieve stress

  • What should I expect during a treatment?
    Expect a gentle massage technique with sort of a light pumping action of lymphatic fluid up towards the heart. Certain nodes may be slightly painful due to congestion, however through massage they will become smaller and drain into the next node making their way through major drainage ducts and into blood circulation. You will be required to drink lots of water to aid cleansing and purifying in recovery mode.

    What’s the difference between a lymphatic drainage massage and a regular massage?
    A lymphatic drainage treatment is designed towards to working lymphatic fluid towards the drainage ducts, whereas a regular massage works on various other facets mostly muscular and skeletal.

    How many treatments will I need to feel the benefits?
    This is different for each individual. You will generally feel the difference after one session, but 4 weekly sessions are ideal. 

    Drain away those body worries with this detoxifying massage from Heather North Lewis!

    The fine print

    One voucher per individual, but multiples may be bought and distributed as gifts.

    Your appointment must be booked by 15th February 2022. When booking, please quote your QuidsIn voucher code and password. If your treatment is not booked by this date it will become void and no refunds will be given.

    Your voucher is valid for appointments between 1st February and 28th February. 

    Read the deal FAQ for the basics.

    Voucher(s) valid until 28/02/2022


    24 hours notice is required to re-schedule otherwise voucher becomes void and no refunds will be given. The deal MUST be booked and carried out before expiry date, as no refunds will be given. 

    Customers must be aware that booking should be made in advance as they are subject to availabiltly

    The BodyTalk Clinic follows strict government guidelines, Everyone must wear a facemask & follow hygiene guidelines. 

    You must notify the Clinic if you have recently travelled when booking your appointment. 

    Please do a Lateral Flow Test before you arrive for your appointment.

    Appointments last between 30 and 60 minutes depending upon the needs of the individual. 

    Please bring your unique Quids In voucher code to your appointment.

    Read the deal FAQ for the basics.

    Voucher(s) valid until 28/02/22


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    Company Information

    Heather works from her tranquil clinic in Trinity, just 10 minutes from town. As an advanced practitioner in BodyTalk she can work at a very deep level and uses the latest scientific discoveries in epigenetics and the body’s microbiomes along with ancient knowledge such as chakras and meridians.

    “Distance” sessions for BodyTalk (not lymph drainage) are available for clients who are either not well enough; are travelling; or just too busy to come in person. 

    Clinic times are Monday – Friday, 10 am – 7 pm. Occasionally appointments can be arranged outside of these hours.

    To find out more, make an appointment, or purchase a gift voucher, please contact Heather.

    Heather North Lewis



    JE3 5AF

    Phone: *07797713282
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