The QuidsIn Promise

  • Quidsin will select and present a variety of deals selected to represent the very best quality in your local area.
  • We also will strive to offer the best price out there, helping you to discover and trial new things and experiences.
  • We will rigorously vet any business that we feature to ensure that the ones that we feature are respectable.
  • We have a discussion board where you the public can have an open conversation with us about any of the deals that we present.

We also have the Quidsin Promise...

If Quidsin lets you down, we'll return your purchase.

Just a couple of exceptions to this bold statement.

The Deal a Day concept is new and groundbreaking, and as we move along with the experiment there are bound to be some instances where people take advantage, for example by asking for refunds for things outside our control or for other less than friendly reasons.

Secondly we're not the merchant, so while we'll accept a return if you feel like Quidsin did something that let you down, we're still not legally responsible for injury or worse, inflicted while using a Quidsin voucher. In other words, Quidsin is a local guide and a deal site, not a site that alleviates you from common sense...

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